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"Mount huangshan, there are no mountains."

In huangshan, the sea of clouds, floating, dreamlike wonderland; Starry sky, moon light, a good night dream; Look at the waterfall, nine days straight down, thundering; The strange stone is loose, natural self - formed, uncanny workmanship, breathtaking.

Huangshan city old name huizhou, the emblem is a beautiful meaning as the name of the beautiful place. Located in the jiangnan area, four seasons are distinct, in green mountains and green water development. Ancient huizhou county, namely, shexian county, yixian county, huining, qimen, jixi, wuyuan. Many huizhou culture such as huizhou education, huizhou opera, huizhou engraving, huizhou village, hui cuisine, etc.

Along the way to the mountains, at the top of a sunset, you will feel the rest of your life as a twilight collector without regret. The cloud sea of huangshan has made all the troubles in the world become small. At night the stars are like all the moving beauty in the world.